Friday, March 9, 2012

Knockout Background for Aesthetically Enhanced Images With the Pen Tool

Value added services are the name of the game for photo editing companies today who wish to keep themselves in the forefront of existing competition. Tools for knockout background are many but none like the versatile pen tool.
With the advent of the digital age, image improvisation techniques gained a lot of popularity. This popularity stemmed from the fact that new techniques of image manipulation could now be used with Photoshop software. Photo editing as a business stands on the two pillars of advanced software and editing knowledge. Improvisation counts in this business, which runs on the skill and knowledge level of the graphic designer. Knocking out background is one of the common requirements of a client. This is done in order to improve the appearance of the image, once it has been clicked. An attractive background goes a long way in enhancing the final effect of an image. The client may require a certain background of a particular nature that may be going with the message that is to be portrayed in the image. Take the example of a rose in full bloom in a garden full of greenery. Here, it is necessary to purge the background in order to enhance the appearance of the red rose. A skilful graphic artist who knows what is to be done would use the mighty pen tool provided by Photoshop in order to do this. This tool will cut the unwanted detail and create a new background, thus enhancing the view of the rose in full bloom. There are other subjects also that can be recreated with the knockout background process for aesthetic images.
Skilful graphic artists who are well aware of what is to be done in order to fulfil the requirement carve digital masterpieces out. The use of tools like background eraser, most editors prominently do channel mask and lasso tool in order to do their work. But, to knockout background, the edgy, sharp pen tool works the best. Merely, knowing how to use the pen tool is not sufficient to optimize its use. A skilful graphic artist who has a calm and steady hand and who has a knack of painting with a paintbrush will only exploit the whole functionality of the pen tool. Only that artist will be able to maximize the potential of this pen tool provided by Photoshop.
Another approach would be to place the points of the path around the picture element and then modifying the curves. Artists who are enamoured with symmetry in images invariably follow this approach. The magnetic pen is another tool, which provides a good option for knocking background. On finalization of the path, the objects are then converted into a selection. The final selection can be done by the “drag and drop” move of the pen, where the path is dragged onto the “make selection” button on the palette. Once, this is accomplished, a selection set adorns the image element. This is how knockout background can be done in an image.
For photo editing companies that are online and need to do urgent work for clients, knockout background is an excellent service. Experienced professionals capable of combining this solution with the latest wares are always in demand for this work.

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