Friday, December 7, 2012

Have You Ever Tried the Beautiful Image Stitching Services?

Combination of a number of photographic images in order to make a high-resolution image or segmented panorama with the help of overlapping fields is known as image stitching. This is how large profile can be created after clicking beautiful pictures.

This process is usually performed with the assistance of a complex edit program. In a quest to obtain seamless results, it is essential to stitch an image with exact overlaps along with exposures that are identical. Once this is achieved, the final outcome would be absolutely flawless. With technology reaching new heights, digital cameras are available today that have the ability to stitch an image internally. 

There are three important components associated with the process of image stitching.

Image Registration

While carrying out the process of image stitching, the editor should ensure that there is minimum difference between overlapping pixels. In order to achieve this, it is important to first identify matching features in different images. This can be done with the help of direct alignment methods. Ideally, the expert working on the image should calibrate images so as to obtain better results. Additional efforts should be taken to ensure that matching features are identified between images. There are cases wherein there are minute groups of features that match and hence tools that can identify accurately should be made use of. The comparison is not only accurate, but faster as well. Reputed image stitching services tend to use the most effective tools and hence are able to come up with the best results.

Image Calibration

It is essential to minimize the difference between the camera lens combination and ideal lens models including exposure, distortions, and chromatic aberrations and vignetting. This can be achieved with the help of Image calibration. To stitch more than one image, it is important to know the exact positioning of the features involved in an image. Hence, recording and saving the positioning of features in images becomes a vital process. Once the positioning is saved and available, images are placed on the panosphere.

Image Blending

The adjustments that are identified during the calibration stage need to be executed in a near perfect manner. Image blending is the process wherein this execution takes place. During this stage, remapping of images takes place. Lot of work is done in order to get the color combination right which further minimizes the difference between exposures of images that are to be stitched together. In some cases, use of high dynamic range is also encouraged. This is a process which helps obtain near accurate merging of different images. However, only stitching images together is not enough. Once stitching is complete, it is important to minimize the visibility of the seams that tend to occur between images. Seams not minimized would clearly indicate to the fact that the images have been merged together. Hence, seamline adjustment process is carried out at the end to ensure that seams are not visible.

Panorama Tools, Panorama maker, Autostitch, Ptgui and Hugin are some of the dedicated programs that carry out image stitching services. Image stitching is regarded as one of the most complex aspects involved in photo editing. As an aspiring editing expert, learning the art of merging different images and making it look one is indeed important.